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Your world is your family. Portraits of them will stand the test of time and make your house feel like a home by displaying what is most  important to you.

There is no art more personal or touching.

Planning Your Session

To begin planning your portrait session, you need to first think about where you will be displaying the final products.  Where will you be hanging these images? Many clients create a primary display in the living room or family area and then choose secondary images for display in bedrooms, halls, and play rooms.   
Please consider what kind of style you wish to reflect. For example, is your home very modern with lots of sleek  surfaces or do you prefer a more earthy atmosphere with dark woods?  The style of your home is important because we will plan your portraits to reflect your tastes.  Before your session, we can meet with you for a consultation to discuss these choices in detail.


Clothing is extremely important when preparing for your session. We will help with the planning  process during your pre-session consultation. You should plan your clothing based on where you will be displaying your portraits. For example, if you have light fabrics and woods in the living room, you will most likely want to dress everyone in lighter tones and colors to display a grouping in that area.  If multiple subjects are in the portrait, they should all dress is the same tonal range. For example, you could choose all mid-tone grays and blues, or all earth tones, etc.
Simple clothing is great because it won’t “date” your images in the years to come.  When choosing clothing, try to avoid busy or distracting patterns (stripes, plaids, etc.).  Solid colored, simply patterned, or subtly textured pieces are a classic way to represent your family.
We also recommend dressing one person in a simply patterned piece and then “pulling” the colors out of that piece to coordinate the outfits for the rest of the family. 

Color Harmony

The reason that we ask you to consider the tones and style of your home is that we want to help you achieve color harmony within your space.  Your portraits should reflect the overall color palette where they are  displayed.  This allows your portrait art to visually enrich your home while capturing your memories.

Size Considerations

Choosing an appropriately image size is something that we will help you with as well.  Your portraits should enhance the area and allow for comfortable viewing within the space. 

Presentation Options

We have a variety of presentation options to match your decor and style.  Our wall portaits come ready to hang, so you just pick the best option for your portraits. Custom  Framing is a classic way to finish your portraits.  We have a variety of woods and colors available.  You can select Canvas Gallery Wraps for a simplistic, modern look. 

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